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Pelvic Pain Therapy

Initial Evaluation:

During an Initial Evaluation we get to know our patients by taking a detailed history of all of their concerns and condition. We perform an assessment of their posture, alignment, muscle function, movement strategies, and muscle coordination. Based on this information we go over a plan of care and give you a home exercise program to start with.

60 minutes: $140
90 minutes: $200

Visits following Evaluation:

We continue our plan of care by assessing your progress and addressing any concerns one on one. Treatments can include hands on manual soft tissue techniques including functional dry needling, mobilizations to address any musculoskeletal dysfunction present, use of any modalities such as biofeedback or electrical stimulation, patient education, and of course exercise to help you progress towards your set goals in therapy.

90 minutes: $150
60 minutes: $120 (most common)
45 minutes: $95

Postpartum Package:

This package is specific for any female who has given birth, ever, and wants to make sure they are ready to return to sport, feel they could be doing better in their workouts or life, or just learned about how important pelvic floor is and want to make sure they are not destined for Depends or surgery.  During the first visit, we will assess posture, muscle tension, movement strategies, muscle strength, diastasis recti, breathing, and pelvic floor muscle function. After the assessment we will discuss your goals and come up with an appropriate plan of care that will help you achieve them. The follow up visits can include hands on manual soft tissue techniques including functional dry needling, mobilizations to address any musculoskeletal dysfunction, patient education, any modalities including biofeedback or electrical stimulation, and exercise.

Total of 4 sessions: $450

Functional Dry Needling Only:

This type of visit, is specific for functional dry needling, and does not include traditional physical therapy. In the first visit, we will take a detailed history and assess posture, muscle tension, and active range of motion. Based on this assessment we will needle all areas contributing to the problem. In follow up visits we will assess any changes that have occurred since the following visit, and perform functional dry needling.

First session: $100
45min follow up: $95
30min follow up: $65
15min follow up: $35

Home Visits:

If you think we are too far, can’t get out of your house with the kids, or are on bedrest and in pain, that’s ok. We can come to you! We will bring a treatment table along with all of our supplies and set up in your home. We are currently only offering this to our pregnant and postpartum ladies.

The first visit: $165
60min follow up: $150
45min follow up: $130

​Treatments may include:

  • Manual therapy
  • Therapeutic Exercise
  • Home Exercise Program
  • Patient education
  • Electrical stimulation for pelvic floor
  • Pilates
  • Muscle relaxation or re education
  • Postural re education
  • Biofeedback
  • Lymphatic massage and/or manual lymph drainage
  • Biowave

Dry Needling

Dry Needling

Functional Dry Needling is using a filament needle and inserting it into a muscle that has dysfunction or in the region of a “trigger point”. The aim of Dry Needling is to achieve a local twitch response to release muscle tension and pain.Dry needling is an effective treatment for chronic pain of neuropathic origin with very few side effects.

Surface EMG

Surface EMG or biofeedback is a device that accesses muscle function by recording muscle activity from the surface above the muscle on the skin.  In simplified terms, it shows the muscle’s electrical activity on a computer screen allowing the person to view what their muscles are doing.