How can my life be affecting My Pelvic Floor?!

How can my life be affecting my pelvic floor?? This is such a common question that patients ask when they come in. They have no idea that their life can have such an impact on their pain, urinary, and/or bowel symptoms. The pelvic floor is a postural muscle, but for some it can also be a muscle group that holds stress. How is that, I have never hear of such a thing?? Have you ever sat at the computer, and you realize that your shoulders are up to your ears? Holding stress in the pelvic floor is very similar. By adapting bad strategies, most likely without you even knowing, such as tightening your abdominals, or gripping your butt, these are just a couple, both can lead to increases in pelvic floor muscle tension. Over time this can lead to pain, or changes in your bladder and bowels. It’s not just one insult, it’s multiple, once your body has had enough, it lets you know. This is not a female only thing either. This can happen in men, women, and children. I have seen this in all, and across the board they all have the commonality of stress. Whether that be from a recent event, day in and day out stressors, poor bowel or bladder habits, or even over use in exercise regimens. Stress is a horrible thing, that can affect not only your muscles, but also your central nervous system (nerves and brain), priming this area for pain. Creating better habits to help you handle your stress can be lifesaving, not only for your sanity, but also for your pelvic floor. Take some time today to take some deep cleansing breaths throughout the day, or make some time for you by getting into the gym. Find something that makes you feel relaxed to help you cope with your daily stressors. Our life won’t go away including the stress, but the strategies we use to cope with it, can.

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