From Baby Bumps to Baby Snuggles: Your Guide to Pregnancy and Postpartum Care

Your Guide to Pregnancy and Postpartum Care

Hey Beautiful Bump-Bearers and New Snuggle-Buddies,

As we embark on this whimsical journey from flaunting the glorious baby bump to embracing post-baby snuggles, there’s a universe of love, laughs, and yes, a few ‘oops’ moments along the way! As your friendly neighborhood pelvic floor physical therapist with a fondness for all things mom-related, I’m here to sprinkle a dash of practicality (and perhaps a pinch of humor) amidst the ocean of wonder that is pregnancy and postpartum care.

Pregnancy: A Time to Glorify the Bump and Waddle with Pride

You’re on (or just completed) a ten-month adventure, creating life like the absolute queen that you are! But oh boy (or girl!), your body’s throwing some curveballs, right? Here’s how we dodge, laugh, and sway through them:

Embracing the Waddle:

– That cute penguin waddle? Let us help you! We see many women during pregnancy to help this very thing. Let’s keep those feet happy with comfy shoes and maybe sneak in some foot elevation time between struts to keep the puffiness at bay.

The Graceful Bend-and-Snap:

– Picking things up off the floor just became an Olympic sport. Bend those knees and keep that back straight to perform the perfect, pain-free bend-and-snap. Gold medal in safe lifting: Achieved! 🏅Don’t forget to breath! Your pelvic floor and bladder will thank you.

Back It Up, Beautiful:

– Your precious cargo up front may attempt to play tug-of-war with your lower back. Counteract with pelvic tilts and gentle back stretches to send that pesky pain packing! If this doesn’t suffice, let us do the trick.

Postpartum: A Rollercoaster of Snuggles and, Well, More Snuggles

Hello to sleepless nights, heart-melting smiles, and a core that’s kind of like “Wait, what just happened?” Let’s talk tips and giggles for this ride:

The Gentle Return:

– Your body did a MARVELous thing (Yes, superhero status achieved 🦸‍♀️). Allow it grace and time to recover. A little stroll, some gentle yoga, and perhaps a smidge of pelvic floor TLC to whisper sweet nothings to your healing self.

When You’ve Got to Go…:

– It’s totally cool, new mama. The pelvic floor is like, “Hey, remember that time you birthed a human?” Some gentle Kegels (think: subtle, not a full-fledged pelvic floor party) might just be the secret handshake to rekindling your friendship with your bladder. Don’t be alarmed if you can’t find it. It’s there, but come see a Pelvic Floor Therapist to help your brain remember where it is.

Lift and Love:

– Picking up your little bean? Breath, yes breath, as your bend, , bend those knees, and lift with all the love that those arms can hold. Your back will send you thank-you notes later.

The Slumber Sway:

– Your sweet pea’s in the crib and so you do the patented mom sway even without the baby weight. Let’s throw in some neck rolls and shoulder shrugs to keep things loosey-goosey and avoid becoming a human pretzel!

Dear radiant bearers of life and cuddly coo-ers of newbies, your journey is dipped in magic, sprinkled with challenge, and enveloped in boundless love. 💖 Remember: you’re doing a spectacular job. And while you’re acing this mom thing, I’m here to offer a soft landing space for advice, giggles, and all the real-talk your heart desires. Remember, I’m a mama too- so feel free to find a place to vent in me.

In upcoming chats (ahem, I mean social media posts), we’ll dive deeper into this pot of motherhood joy, exploring more practical tidbits for a happy, healthy journey.

Sending hugs, high-fives, and a touch of fairy dust your way. Keep up with me online or visit me in the office.

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